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Tenants First, Inc. - a 501(c)(3)non-profit real estate investment program designed to assist "protected tenants" facing eviction under the Ellis Act buy thier apartments as TICs .



Why blue?

Blue Real Estate is a unique alternative to the traditional real estate industry. Originally conceived during the 2004 presidential election, Blue Real Estate is designed to promote the progressive social and political values of our San Francisco clientele.

We accomplish this through donations to politically responsible causes, as companies like Working Assets have been doing for years. But Blue also works in totally new ways, such as by sponsoring "blue" events and promoting other organizations in the blue movement. See the good work our friends are doing at and

AGENTS, JOIN THE BLUE TEAM! - In the coming months we will increase our coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area. We seek to recruit like-minded real estate professionals who prefer to affiliate with a progressive brokerage. Blue Real Estate offers competitive commission splits and the opportunity to practice real estate as part of the Blue team. Qualified agents will have an interest in liberal politics, a California real estate license and demonstrable experience as a real estate professional. Bilingual/persons of color encouraged to apply. Contact Richard Hurlburt. All inquiries confidential.


Feel free to contact us with questions:

Emily Benkert | sales agent
cel: 415.225.6963 
Richard Hurlburt | broker-attorney
cel: 415.776.2583 (415.Pro.Blue)
Cliff Leonardi | sales agent
cel: 415.902.1894
Christopher J. Sims | sales agent
cel: 415.859.0394
Dr Adil Baguirov
cel: 415.412.6951


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